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Ptc Sites

Pay Per Click 0.001, Per Click Direct Ref 0.0005, Per Click Rent Ref 0.0005

members benefits

Become a member and earn simply by browsing our advertisers' websites.

Earn up to $0.05 per click
Get paid up to $0.02 per ref click
Unlimited Direct Referrals

Earn $25 per referral upgrade
Minimum balance to withdraw is $2
Fast Payments

Very High RR AVG
Support Paypal Payment
Instant Payment
Trust Admin
Very Fast Support

Minimum Cashout : 2 $
Payment Within : Some weeks
Main Currency : $
Language : English
Accepted Countries : All
Monitored Since : 1 month
Payment Solutions
PayPal, Payeer, Perfect Money, Neteller, Cryptocurrency Wallet

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